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1-Month Supply Vita Whey Protein

Our Vita Whey 8-Hour Instant Whey Protein isolate is manufactured from sweet dairy whey using cold micro-filtration and ultra-filtration membrane technology. The product is then gently spray dried using sunflower seed lecithin into a granular, free-flowing powder that is readily dispersible in water. This process results in a superior whey protein that is highly absorbable and has a very clean, smooth flavor. 
Our dairy cattle are fed primarily grass with supplemental feeding as needed to suit seasonal conditions. 

1-Month Supply Supreme Greens Powder

Live Healthier and Happier, Get 2 Pounds of Vegetables with Every Serving!

See how to get more organic green leafy vegetables, herbs, grasses, sprouts, fiber, and MSM providing your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, super-foods, and plant proteins in your diet in as little as one scoop per day.

Supreme Greens with MSM is a nutrient-dense, easy-to-take capsule designed to deliver the following benefits and more, Improved Energy, Fight Diabetes, Immune Support, Detoxification, Improved Digestion, Hunger Control, Burn Fat, Alkalize & Energize, Increased Folate, Anti-Aging, Heart Health, Feed your telomeres, Strong Antioxidant. Builds Enzymes

It’s made with powerful superfoods and contains real, organic green leafy vegetables, herbs, grasses, sprouts, fiber, and MSM.

1-Month Supply Vita Supreme Probiotic

 Balance the Friendly Bacteria in Your Digestive System to Strengthen Your Immunity and Fend Off Obesity.

 Vita Supreme Probiotics is a natural digestive health supplement that is formulated specifically to restore and maintain total balance to your digestive tract, immune system, and much more.

Vita Probiotics is unlike any other dietary supplement on the market today. It contains a multi-strain, multi-billion CFU combination of probiotics and probiotics with a very unique and enhanced delivery system.