Why VitaSupreme?

While it is easy to make advertising claims for supplements, producing vitamins that will make good on those claims is the difficult part. After all, the quality of a supplement boils down to where the supplements are sourced from and how they are made, something too important to be taken for granted. Particularly since there is a significant difference in the raw materials and quality control processes different companies use. The bottom line is what you really get for your money is determined by two factors:


Where the raw ingredients are sourced from (grown)


What happens in the laboratories where your supplements are produced and packaged at VitaSupreme, our supplements are produced without regard to expense and according to the best processes we know. We accept nothing less than the highest standards of quality in every aspect of the manufacturing and packaging processes. We work with a team of experts to source the best quality, freshest, wild crafted, raw ingredients from herb growers and nutrient growers all over the world. For instance In our Supreme Greens, the alfalfa sprouts, spinach leafs and pau d’ Arco Bark are grown in Brazil's nutrient rich Amazon Rain Forrest, the rosemary leaf, from Morocco, the watercress herb from Germany, and Aloe Vera from our own USA. In our Super Omega-3 Fish Oil, our wild fish comes from cold deep waters of Norway, known for being the cleanest water in the world. And our coral calcium in our Coral Calcium Ultra comes from Okinawa Japan and is harvested without harm to the coral reefs. All manufacturing, formulating, microbial testing, packaging and research is done from one site so every aspect of the production process can be strictly monitored. 

Quality Control & Raw Materials Weigh-in Quality control is integral in each aspect of the manufacturing process, starting with the quality of the raw materials. Each raw ingredient we select requires a COFA (Certificate of Analysis) and an actual sample on hand to help us clearly identify the appropriate ingredient. While many companies would take the word from their suppliers that the product is what they say it is, before we release our product to the inventory, the quality control department sends a sample to our microbial lab for further testing before production to ensure each raw ingredient is what we have been told it is (for example, the rosemary leaf in our Supreme Greens product is in fact rosemary leaf). When and if a product passes quality control, it is then released to continue to step #2....